Supporting Your Child

If you feel that your child is struggling at school, for any reason, have a chat with your class teacher. They will be able to put in place some support, or may offer some advice for strategies at home. If things are still difficult after some initial support, your class teacher will speak to the school SENDCO, or you can always have a chat with the SENDCO directly!

At Millbrook the SENDCO is Miss Harris.

What the parents say:

“You have been so dedicated, you have brought out so much confidence in my child, he is now much happier. You are always here for us as a family, and nothing is ever too much trouble for you. We trust you 100%. You believe all in all the students. You are so friendly and approachable—if you don’t know the answer you always find it!”

“A huge thank you to everyone who has helped my child. He is always offered encouragement and support to help him succeed. The strategies and techniques delivered have taught him the ‘learning tools’ for coping with dyslexia and have been invaluable for setting him up for a great future and life ahead!”

“My son had struggled at school and I had believed that he was a square peg in a round hole. He found the structure of lessons difficult and concentrating on tasks that his peers did easily, a battle. His confidence was also low because of this, since working with the SENDCO he has flourished and is indeed excelling in certain lessons. It used to be hard to motivate him to go to school or enjoy homework, now he relishes the challenges. I cannot praise the team enough they have altered my son’s experience of school to that of a highly positive one. Thank you!”